Thérèse Boisclair

Ottawa, Canada

Native of Trois Rivières (Québec), Thérèse Boisclair studied photography for many years. She spent a long time searching for the “right medium” to explore her artistic talents. She painted in watercolour for over 18 years specializing in painting the French Riviera. The local architecture, the small narrow streets and the scenes of every day life fascinated her.  Over the last few years, she experimented with acrylics on tissue paper and other exotic papers. She chose the fragility of the tissue paper and the boldness of the acrylics.

Her inspiration is the emotion of the moment it will determine the colors that she uses. Her brush is only guided by her imagination. From the fragile tissue paper, from the movement of colors emerge fluid and luminous landscapes. Thérèse Boisclair creates paintings that depict the unique atmosphere reminiscent of abstract landscapes that inspire us in the maze of our own imagination.

Boisclair is an international artist, whose monolithic works thread together conceptual practices with material practices, excavating memory and lived experience in order to distil the essences of these immaterial events into translucent images that glow, vibrate, and reverberate together in unexpected and magical way. When talking about her paintings, Boisclair says “This is not what you are looking at that is important but what you see”. She acknowledges that everyone will see something different in each of her paintings.

She received numerous awards and recognitions during her career. She was awarded “Best of Show” in the exhibition Liberated Dreams, held at the Estense Castle in Ferrarra, Italy in April 2012. On May 30, she was awarded Awards an honourable mention  during the 1st edition of the Naples Prize for Contemporary Art 2013 organized by the Galleria Monteoliveto Nice – Naples for her Painting Stormy Seas.

Her abstracts landscapes have been seen in many exhibitions in Canada, Europe and the United States. We can find her works in private and public collections in many countries. She is a member of several associations in Canada, she lives and works in Ottawa, Canada.

Boisclair is a published artist. Her work can be found in:

  • International Contemporary Artists V and VI,
  • International Contemporary Masters 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • International Women Celebrate, Ayrspace Press 2011
  • Artisan Direct Magazine, Red Dot Miami Edition, December 2012
  • Artisan Direct Magazine, New Yor Art Expo Edition, March 2013
  • River Art Magazine,

Many other art magazines and numerous art websites

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